Leg Massager Fitindex (A)
Leg Massager
Leg Massager
Leg Massager
Leg Massager
Leg Massager
Leg Massager
Leg Massager

Leg Massager

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Air Compression Massager

The FITINDEX leg massager houses a professional air compression system, ergonomically designed to expedite relief for sore legs. This massager promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation effectively.

6 Modes & 4 Massage Intensities

Our leg and foot massager contains 8 large airbags, providing a 360-degree wrap around your legs. The various modes and intensities have been professionally tested to cater for the needs of most individuals.

Adjustable Size With Zipper

This leg massager features a built-in three-layer zipper that's suitable for different leg circumferences. Suitable for the whole family to use, it fits lower calves up to 21 inches, and upper calves between 17.5 and 29 inches.

2 Timers

Choose between two timer settings of 20 or 30 minutes. Simply press the timer button, and enjoy a relaxing massage while you take a nap. Instructions on the handheld remote control are simple and easy to understand, making it quite user-friendly for the elderly.