Weighing coffee beans

Weighing a suitable amount of coffee beans according to your needs and ground into powder.


Warm coffee cup

Put the filter paper in the filter cup, pour hot water evenly on the paper to make it wet and attach to the filter cup tightly, then pour out the water in the cup, place the filter cup on the scale, press the tare button to “zero”.



Add coffee grounds

Pour the ground coffee powder into the filter cup, pat it gently, click the coffee button, the app will recognize the weight of the coffee powder, click the clear button to start filling and steaming.



Pour water evenly onto coffee grounds, water amount is around 1.5 times of coffee grounds weight. The steaming time is not fixed. Fresh coffee grounds absorb moisture and swell.  After all the coffee powder stops swelling after absorbing water, the steaming process is over, and you can continue to inject water for extraction.




Pour water from the center to outer in circle path, pay attention not to flush to the filter paper, repeat that again from outer to center, keep water steam oven, and pour water in 2-3 times.



Extraction finished, remove the filter cup, pour coffee into your favorite coffee mug and enjoy.