Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller
Vibrating Foam Roller

Vibrating Foam Roller


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Fast warm-up and post-workout deep stimulation

This vibrating foam roller combines pressure and vibration massage can be used for warm-up, cool-down. It is also a good choice for Christmas gifts.

3-in-1 Unique massage patterns

The deep tissue trigger foam roller has three special waved pattern designs: the thinner water ripples, the wider water ripples, and the widest water ripples. It is different from other foam rollers on the market, it can provide you with three different massage sensations and deep stimulation.

5 Vibration levels and 1 frequency conversion

This electric foam roller has 5 levels of powerful speeds setting with frequency conversion. High penetration muscle deep stimulation can be provided by combining with frequency conversion at each speed. The vibration level from 1500RPM to 3200RPM. You can choose the right speed and intensity that works for you.

Convenient USB charging port design

The vibrating foam roller is designed with a USB charging port. Fully reflect our humanized design considerations. Charging only requires a mobile phone charging cable and No longer afraid of losing the charging cable. Recharges from zero to full charge in less than 5 hours and provides over 2 hours of use per charge on the highest speed level.

Portable and environmentally friendly materials

This fitness foam roller is made of environmental and high-density textured EVA foam, it has excellent durability and vibration transfer. The foam roller only weighs 3lbs, you can take it anywhere with the portable bag.