Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W
Smart Tape Measure 01W

Smart Tape Measure 01W

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The FITINDEX Smart Body Tape Measure is compatible with the FITINDEX App allows you to record the measurements of 12 key body areas, 6 customized parts and easily get your waist-to-hip ratio. The data is presented in an easy-to-read graph for easy analysis and tracking, enabling you to stay on top of your fitness journey and achieve your goals.

Instantly Accurate Measurements

The measuring tape is equipped with a large, clear LED display that shows the accurate measurement instantly. The measurements displayed are quite clear and easy to read, rather than small or blurred. The smart tape can measure up to 60inch/150cm and the display can read up to 63inch/160cm with precision.

Retractable & Two Units

The tape measure features a retract button and locking pin to allow you to effortlessly get the measurements of body parts without help of others. Simply press and hold "M" button to switch the unit between inch and cm and see how you shape up in your preferred unit. The measuring tape is firmed by paint, which is durable and not easy to blur, compared with traditional ink printing tape.

Wide Application

The easy way to keep track of your body's changes! With measurements available for your biceps, calves, hips, thighs, waist, shoulders, bust, neck, and abdomen, you can accurately monitor your total body transformation over time. This body tape measure is perfect for professional trainers, fitness enthusiasts, those looking to gain muscle, slimming down groups, and even expecting mothers.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Possibilities

With the FITINDEX App, the smart tape measure can accommodate an unlimited number of users. Use the smart digital tape to record body changes anytime, anywhere, and know how to choose the garment that best suits us and highlights your body with its natural forms. Stay on top of your fitness goals and see the progress you’ve made with FITINDEX!