When to Use Normal Mode or Athlete Mode in Your FITINDEX Smart Scale

When to Use Normal Mode or Athlete Mode in Your FITINDEX Smart Scale

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Your FITINDEX Smart Scale can measure the 13 body composition indexes that make up your body. First you will need to add your height, weight, age and gender to calibrate the calculation of your scale. There's also an 'Athlete Mode' that is useful for providing more accurate measurements to people who live a very active lifestyle.

Athlete Mode is for users that have a very active lifestyle because their body needs to be calculated differently from the average person. This mode simply lets the scale know to lower fat mass measurements and increase muscle mass measurement values to match the fit lifestyle and body composition of an athlete. It basically, recalibrates the body composition calculations of the FITINDEX Smart Scale to the typical behavior patterns of the user.

This mode should only be used if the user is 18 or above, does 6+ hours of intense exercise each week and has a resting heartbeat 60 beats per minute or lower.

We don’t recommend a ‘regular’ person to use Athlete Mode because enabling it does not modify the FITINDEX experience so you won’t miss out anyway. 'Normal mode' actually targets every other lifestyle and fitness level (i.e. dieters, weight losers/gainers, fit people) so Athlete Mode is only intended for hardcore athletes.

Just like inputting the incorrect height, weight, age and gender; selecting Athlete Mode won't help you lose weight faster. Instead, it will over-calibrate the 13 body composition indexes and provide erroneous data about what is going on within your body. 

Athlete Mode can be turned on and off in your profile settings. A new body composition calculation will count towards your new weighing from thereon, this means that the status will only be applied for new measurements.

Whichever mode you choose, the changes in your data should not change too drastically between measurements, you may notice small percentage shifts between your measurements based on the time of weighing and other external factors though.