FitIndex Kitchen Scale FAQ

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 1.How to catering?
After weighing and choosing food, click on "Plate" on the homepage to add food to the plate. Different foods can be added to the plate, you can check the nutrient content of the food in the plate.

2.How to check intake record?
View the history of intake in "Diary", can get a nutrition analysis report and switch the date to view the intake records as you want.

3.How to check food nutrition facts?
First step: Put a food on weight platform or enter weight manually.
Second step: Tap "What’s on the scale?" on the homepage to search food. The database default setting showed each 100g weight nutrition facts.
Third step: Check the corresponding food & weight nutrition facts.

4.How to manually input weight?
When the App is not connected to the device, you can manually enter the weight of the food. After connecting the device, only the data at the scale is shown.

5.How to change the unit with App?
On the “Measure” Page, click "Unit" to convert the units./On the "Device Settings" page, click "Unit" to convert the units.

6.How to add DIY food?
After selecting "What’s on the scale?", click ‘Add’ on to add DIY food. Adding DIY foods requires perfect food information. Please enter the the food name and nutritional ingredients contained in 100 grams of the food.

7.How to use the coffee maker scale function?
Click the "coffee" symbol in the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the coffee maker scale function. The coffee scale can calculate the steam time, the proportion of coffee powder and water.

8.How to check personal RNI (Recommended Nutrient Intake)?
Enter into “Settings” can check RNI.

9.How to modify user information?
After setting the personal information, if you want to modify user information, select "Settings" and enter "Basic Information" to modify user information.